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Training Program on

Developing and sustaining India’s capacity for pre-clinical Drug Discovery

Stay Ahead of the Industry

March 21 - 22, 2020

NIPER Hyderabad Campus

Considering the prevalent situation of Coronavirus outbreak the training program is postponed. The rescheduled dates of the workshop will be announced as soon as possible.


Our aim is to enhance India’s capabilities for preclinical drug development by creating and providing a sustainable programme of education, training and Continuing Professional Development opportunities for pre-clinical laboratory animal scientists and biotechnology entrepreneurs.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Develop industry-relevant learning outcomes and curricula, to internationally recognized standards, for the education, training and Continuing Professional Development of pre-clinical laboratory animal scientists and entrepreneurs, tailored to India’s needs

  2. A pan-Indian network of such trainers;Develop and deliver self-sustaining “Train the Trainer” program for these activities, creating 

  3. Access e-learning resources across India;Disseminate and share the resources developed as free (and without time limit), open 

  4. Laboratory animal scientists and entrepreneurs across India;Harmonies the education, training and Continuing Professional Development of pre-clinical 

  5. Guide trainers in the subsequent development and delivery of their courses;

  6. Develop educational and training links and partnerships between India, the UK and relevant professional bodies


Pre-clinical pharmacological assessment of the efficacy, safety and toxicological profile of potential new medicines, medical devices and technologies, and the safety assessment of these products developed elsewhere in the world for the Indian market and population are necessary, and legally required by Regulatory Authorities before use in humans, in order to determine their therapeutic potential.

Selection Criteria

I. Public / Private/ Industries Institutions / Organization Registered under DSIR working under various ministry involved in non clinical studies. Preference will be given to DSIR registered organizations.
II. Mandatory requirement
i. Existence of Animal house with IAEC and CPCSEA Registration
ii. Academic and research work
a) National Priority programs in drug development
b) Development of Human Resource in non clinical investigations
c) Capabilities to undertake training program for new entities


Nominations of 2-3 candidates in the relevant field who can continue in the areas of research outlined in the application form. Following training, they must agree to transfer the knowledge gained to others by delivering similar courses within their organizations or networks.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Doctorate in Pharmacology/Life sciences /Post Graduate in medicine sciences, Pharmacology / Veterinary sciences, Allopathic/ Ayurvedic/ Homeopathy Siddha.

  2. Working in the drug discovery industry or government organization

  3. Age should not be more than 40 years.

  4. Scientists: Scientist C (Sr. Research Officer) / Scientist D (Assistant Director) with experience in conducting Pre Clinical Toxicology work.

  5. Academicians: Experience in Pre Clinical Evaluation in academic cadre

  6. Industries: Junior manager cadre with experience in conducting Pre Clinical Toxicology work

  7. Infrastructure profile of the facility available in the premises of the organization

  8. Selection will be done based on criteria

  9. The maximum candidates will be 40 out of which 30 will be from Public Institutes and 10 will be from Private institutions.

Post training Requirement

  1. Each educator/trainer will be required to deliver a minimum of 2 courses within their organization or network, resulting in a minimum of 3,600 scientists trained (60 x 2 x 30).

  2. Dissemination and sharing of the curricula and education resources with the community as free, open access e-learning resources.

  3. Trainers to develop and deliver courses, using the above curricula and resources, within their own Institutions, Organizations or networks, thereby creating a national, sustainable and harmonized programme of courses and Continuing Professional Development activities.

Important Dates

  1. Last date for submission of the applications - 17-03-2020
  2. Screening and Selection - 18-03-2020
  3. Information to selected trainees - 19-03-2020
  4. Nomination of the selected trainees from the respective institutes - 19-03-2020
  5. Course training - 21-03-2020 & 22-03-2020

The Speakers



Dr. Shashi Bala Singh

Director, NIPER Hyderabad

Dr. B. Dinesh Kumar

Scientist-’G’, NIN Hyderabad

Dr. Annam Vishala

Assistant Drugs Controller (India) , CDSCO

Dr.N .Harishankar

Scientist-’E’, NIN Hyderabad

Dr. K Rajender Rao

Scientist – ‘E’, NIN Hyderabad

Dr Satyavani

Dr. S.S.Y.H. Qadri

Scientist – ‘E’, ICMR-NARFBR, Hyderabad

Prof. Kala Kumar

Professor & Head of Department Vet. Pharmacology & Toxicology, CVS, Hyderabad

Dr .P. Uday Kumar

Scientist –‘G’, NIN Hyderabad

Dr. Shobi Veleri

Scientist – ‘E’, NIN Hyderabad

Dr. G.J. Mahesh

Principal Scientist, CCMB, Hyderabad

Dr. Manoj Dandekar

Assistant Professor, NIPER Hyderabad

Dr. Chandraiah Godugu

Assistant Professor, NIPER Hyderabad

Dr. Nandkumar Doijad

Scientist/Technician Grade II,

NIPER Hyderabad

Dr. Dharmendra Khatri

Research Scientist, NIPER Hyderabad

STO-III, NIN Hyderabad



Day 1

March 21, 2020



Dr. Shashi Bala Singh, Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Dr. Kala Kumar, Dr. Manoj Dandekar


Experimental design & protocols

Dr. B. Dinesh Kumar




Drug Discovery – Indian scenario

Dr. Annam Visala


Quality & Animal Facility maintenance

Dr. M. Satyavani


GLP Applications

Dr. Uday Kumar




Preclinical facility tour, demonstration on behavioural instrument and molecular biology techniques

Dr. Manoj Dandekar,
Dr. Dharmendra Khatri,
Dr. Chandraiah Godugu,
Dr. Nandkumar Doijad

Day 2

March 22, 2020


  • International norms on rational use of animals (R concept)

  • Importance of statistics in animal experimentation

Dr. Rajendra Rao


In vivo experimentation​

Dr. N .Harishankar


Tea Break


  • Laboratory animals, Health & their usage

  • Role of Animal models

Dr. G.J. Mahesh


Ethical & Welfare consideration
for conducting the animal

Dr. S.S.Y.H. Quadri


Group photo and lunch


Pre-clinical evaluations – insilico, in-vitro, in-vivo

Dr. Shobi Veleri


Valedictory function

Dr. Dinesh Kumar,
Dr. Kala Kumar,
Dr. Mahesh Kumar







The Venue

NIPER Hyderabad Campus, 

Balanagar, Hyderabad

Our Sponsors



Training Program on Developing and sustaining India’s capacity for pre-clinical Drug Discovery


March 21 - 22, 2020


NIPER Hyderabad Campus, Balanagar, Hyderabad

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For queries please drop a mail to pcdd.niperhyd@gmail.com

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